This bundle contains 30 of our most beautiful and hottest foot worship videos.
Enjoy together with Diana the feet of Serena and celebrate with Joleen and Jenny her first time feet licking.
Nina licks her feet and can not get enough and Olivia and Ricarda suck all toes.
Laura licks sweaty smelly feet and Marie and Desiree enjoy each other's feet.
29 stunning girls who love feet licking!

All Videos are in HD 720p Quality in the Windows Media Video standard.
All videos was made by us (me and the beautiful girls)!
Here you can see all the Videos are included in the Bundle:

Serena and the lady from the Agency (Video)
With Ricarda as the lady from the agency.
Serena gets a visit from the lady from the Agency.
She really would like to have Serena in the team.
Serena wants to know whether it is worthwhile for her.
The Lady must kiss and lick the feet of Serena.
Serena annoys the lady from the Agency with her feet and has huge fun.
While the Lady licks, Serena calls her best friend and told her about it.
In the end, Serena is convinced.
If the Lady regularly licks the feet, Serena will change the Agency.
HD Video | 11:33 min. | WMV 311 MB
Nina and Nicky - Sunshine and feet licking (Video)
Spontaneously I hit the road to do a few shots with Nina and her friend Nicky.
Also spontaneous, we went to a wooden bench which is located on a footpath opposite a main road.
Here, Nina takes off the flip flops of Nicky and caresses her feet.
Then both sit down on the bank and lick each other's feet.
The fact that the two can be seen from all sides makes Nina a little nervous :)
HD Video | 9:25 min. | WMV 403 MB
Ricarda licks all the toes! (Video)
Olivia and Ricarda one again in action :)
Ricarda and Olivia suck and lick Olivias toes.
Just watch to girls who sucking toes.
HD Video | 6:02 min. | WMV 205 MB
Sanny licks her own feet (Video)
Sanny licks her own feet, because own feet too, are tasty :)
HD Video | 8:58 min. | WMV 231 MB
Now, Laura licks the smelly feet of Diana (Video)
Laura & Diana meet for the first time - Trilogy part 3 (Part 1&2 in the "socks-bundle1").
In the first clip of this trilogy, Laura presented her socks she worn for 4- 5 days.
In the second clip, Diana is smelling and licking the socks while Diana and Laura meet for the first time.
After Diana has celebrate the socks of Laura, now is time for Laura to taste Diana's smelly feet.
Diana is barefoot in her favorite ballerina flats.
The great thing about the ballerinas, they are dirty and Diana gets really smelly soles in there.
First, Laura sniffs on the aromatic flats and then she caresses and licking the slightly dirty, stinky feet.
HD Video | 7:46 min. | WMV 230 MB
Vanessa K. - feet licking for the first time! (Video)
Vera has brought her friend Vanessa and today she licks Vanessa's feet for the first time.
This is the first time for Vanessa that she gets her feet licked.
She have also never before licked feet.
Vera starts licking and Vanessa has fun.
After some time, Vanessa would also like to try feet licking, and begins to lick the feet of Vera.
Vera is once again very ticklish.
Vera takes over the feet licking again and Vanessa enjoys.
HD Video | 7:12 min. | WMV 254 MB
Zoe licks her small feet (Video)
Zoe licks her small feet (US 4.5, EU 35) for the first time.
She removes her sneakers and licks her slightly sweaty feet.
HD Video | 7:43 min. | WMV 365 MB
Sanny and Laura - Foot Worship (Video)
Sanny and Laura watching movies from
Watching the feet licking pleases them and so they decide to do it yourself.
First, Laura licks Sanny's feet and a little later Sanny wants also lick the feet from Laura.
Although Sanny licks the feet of another woman for the first time, she has no inhibitions to lick Laura's feet properly.
Laura enjoys but would like lick again Sanny's feet, and so the two decide to lick each other's feet.
Thrilling foot worship with sweet Laura and hot Sanny.
HD Video | 12:45 min. | WMV 437 MB
Hey Gals! Lick my feet! (Video)
Marinka gives Vera and Vanessa a useful work.
They are to lick Marinka's feet.
Okay, they get started and Marinka talks about her Trip to Marjorca.
Marinka is cool and has fun and irks Vera and Vanessa with stories like "Since I am back from Majorca, I had no time yet to take a shower".
Vera plays with her spit on Marinka's foot and both bite the toes from Marinka.
HD Video | 7:39 min. | WMV 233 MB
Nina licks her feet (Video)
Nina licks her natural, unwashed feet.
Nina wore Sneakers and smelly socks for hours before we did this video.
Therefore I asked her 'Do you want to wash your feet before you start? "
Nina replied, 'No, they're good! "
Cool! That's my liking!
Nina starts and licks her feet with true devotion.
One can see how well it tastes her!
She licks her soles and sucks her toes and breathed so sexy that it almost fogged the lens.
Nina is a new foot fetish goddess for me!
HD Video | 9:24 min. | WMV 281 MB
Joleen and Jenny lick each other's feet (video)
Watch Joleen and Jenny on her first time they have feet from another girl in her mouth.
Joleen loves the taste of Jenny's toes and Jenny likes to worship Joleen's big feet (size 10.5).
Sexy Movie with two cute girls and four yummy feet.
HD Video | 8:56 min. | WMV 436 MB
Fairy licks her sweaty feet (video)
Fee (german for Fairy) tests how tasty her feet are when they are sweaty and smelly by wearing ballerina flats.
Fee licks her soles, sucks at her toes and likes the taste.
HD Video | 6:11 min. | WMV 220 MB
Nadine and Sarah - feet licking on the phone (Video)
Nadine & Sarah talks about holiday as sarah's phone rings.
Sarah chats on the phone and Nadine is bored. So Nadine snatches Sarah's feet and licks them.
Sarah is a bit irritated about that.
HD Video | 5:34 min. | WMV 197 MB
I lick my feet for you! (Video)
The dear Serena licks her feet for you.
HD Video | 5:51 min. | WMV 127 MB
Alice worships her big feet (video)
Alice licks her natural feet (size 10).
Sie licks over her wrinkled soles and between her toes.
HD Video | 6:01 min. | WMV 142 MB
Nina licks the feet of Ann (Video)
Ann shouldered a train ride from almost 4 hours because she wanted to know how it feel when her feet be licked by another girl.
Nina was on the spot to give Ann the pleasure.
Ann liked it and by the way, Nina also :)
HD Video | 7:55 min. | WMV 292 MB
Xenia & Jenny - smelly feet worship (Video)
Xenia and Jenny meet together for the first time.
Xenia wears worn out ballerinas!
Jenny has her feet not pedicured and not washed! Xenia don't know that.
But I was surprised. That's no problem for the girls and they worships the feet of each other with pleasure.
HD Video | 12:28 min | WMV 300 MB
Celina shows and licks her feet (Video)
Celina in her first foot-video.
She types a sms, removes her high heels and licks her feet.
HD Video | 5:42 min. | WMV 132 MB
Come, we lick our feet! (Video)
Marinka and Laura are exhausted from a long day.
To become fresh again Marinka has the idea that they can lick each other feet.
The feet are also not fresh, so they tastes them both well.
HD Video | 8:24 min. | WMV 346 MB
Lick my stinky socks and smelly feet (Video)
Olivia is annoyed and meets Ricarda in the stairwell.
She takes Ricarda and wants that Ricarda remove her smelly shoes.
Ricarda is submissive and follows Olivia's wish, but Olivia wants more.
Ricarda have to sniff at the shoes and must lick Olivia's stinky socks.
Ricarda is disgusted, but gives her best to satisfy Olivia.
However, Olivia is not contented and thus she decides that Ricarda also must lick her sweaty feet.
This video is also included in the "socks-bundle1".
HD Video | 13:11 min. | WMV 403 MB
Jacky - This are my "lick feet"! (Video)
Jacky introduce herself and her feet and then she licks her feet with pleasure.
HD Video | 6:57 min. | WMV 187 MB
Xenia licks her feet (Video)
Xenia licks her feet with pleasure.
She sucks on her toes and spits on her feet.
After a while, Xenia puts on her heels and keeps on licking her feet.
HD Video | 9:05 min. | WMV 384 MB
Marinka licks the stinky feet and socks of Estela & Luna (Video)
While Marinka poses in front of my camera Estela and Luna enter the room.
They spend some time together and thought Marinka would have finished posing and it's their turn now.
Marinka scents the smelly socks and sweaty feet of Estela and Luna and really wants to smell and lick them.
All of us think it's a good idea and they have nothing against filming it, so let's start :-)
Marinka removes Estela's shoes and is kind of surprised at the first moment.
Estela's feet and legs are wet sweated.
Marinka smells and bites on her socks and takes them off with her teeth.
Now she licks Estela's sweaty feet.
Now it's Luna's turn. Her feet are not that strongly sweaty but also smell very aromatic.
Marinka is "on full blast" and makes faces with her tongue on Luna's socks and licks them really wet and inhales her foot odor.
Luna notices that it's really good to get the own feet licked and enjoys it a lot although she's ticklish.
In meanwhile Marinka licks Luna's soles and sucks on her toes and has noticeable fun.
A lucky day for Marinka and surely for Estela and Luna...and us :)
HD Video | 20:10 mins. | WMV 655 MB
Ellen licks her dirty, stinky feet (Video)
Metal Girl Ellen licks her smelly feet.
She licks her right foot, because she cannot get her left foot to her mouth.
Ellen has not washed her feet and her soles are slightly dirty.
Yummy, that tastes good to her :)
HD Video | 7:17 min. | WMV 224 MB
Mandy licks her feet (video)
Mandy licks her feet. lick those natural, sweaty feet!
HD Video | 5:54 min. | WMV 120 MB
Diana - first time feet licking! (Video)
Diana has licked her own feet but not the feet of another woman.
As I asked her if she will try this, she answered "yes, when she looks pretty".
I proposed Serena and Diana was delighted :)
Diana removes the shoes and socks and starts to lick Serena's feet.
She licks her toes and between them and she licks Serena's soles with relish.
Diana has acquired a taste for it and Serena was also happy :)
HD Video | 9:12 min. | WMV 273 MB
Marie and Desiree - feet licking (Video)
Marie and Desiree lick the feet of each other.
HD Video | 8:02 min. | WMV 209 MB
Michelle licks her feet! (Video)
Michelle licks her feet for the first time.
Let's see how it tastes ;)
A natural woman with very natural feet!
HD Video | 5:53 min. | WMV 190 MB
Serena & Ricarda - Nylon Feet Licking (Video)
Licking each others feet - the first time for Serena.
Serena was a bit nervous but she enjoyed it very much.
Ricarda and Serena lick each others nylon feet.
Then, Serena torn up one nylon stocking, so that she able to lick Ricarda's tasty toes.
HD Video | 7:21 min. | WMV 280 MB
Nadine and Sarah licks her feet together (Video)
Sarah and Nadine have licked feet while they phoned and now they lick her feet together.
HD Video | 5:07 min. | WMV 153 MB